By working together we can save more lives. Here are some transfer stories for animals MACS has been able to give more chances at a forever home with the help of some good friends.



March 8, 2018
Alex was transferred today, Thank you to K-9 Stray Rescue League, for taking him today.



February 15, 2018
These 4 babies were transfered to Capital Area Humane today, Thank you Capital Area Humane for taking these dogs for us.



February 9, 2018
Ceasor was transferred to another shelter this week, Thank you to all the shelters that help us out with Transfers, Sometimes these big dogs just get over looked.



January 20, 2018
Special Thank you to Capital Area Humane Society, It seems like every week they are helping us with our big dogs, They took a mom with 11 puppies, and a few others we had last week and then this week took more. Thank you so much.



January 20, 2018
Thank you To Humane Society of Macomb for taking 6 puppies for us yesterday